Fruit Attraction Madrid

The eleventh edition of the Fruit Attraction will take place October 22, 23 and 24, 2019 in the Feria de Madrid.

At the 2018 show, the group consisted of 25 companies:



Axia Vegetable Seeds
Banken Champignons
Bato Plastics
BerryWorld Europe
BG Door International
Bio-Center Zann
Bloedbessen V.O.F.
Cold Energy
FlevoTrade Dronten
Royal Fruitmasters Groep
Milestone Fresh
Mooij Vegetables
Mulder Onions
Handelsmaatschappij Jan Oskam B.V.
OTC Organics
Priva Horticulture
Royal Brinkman Espana
Staay Food Group
VanRijsingen Carrot Concepts
Westland Mushrooms

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